You want to have bigger and firmer erection and to improve your sexual performance. This is possible with the use of perfectly natural compounds. The list ranges from pomegranate to zinc. The male enhancement herbs are particularly popular at present. There is a wide range of options to pick from. However, not all herbal treatments are created equal. Some are more effective than others. Check out the ones which have top scores.


panax ginsengThis is one of the most widely used male enhancement herbs. The small plant grows in Asia and America. It has been used in traditional medicine for centuries primarily for its immunity boosting and stimulating effect. Let’s find out what it can do for sexual performance.

Ginseng can give you both bigger and harder erection. It is not fully understood how it works, but it is considered to promote the synthesis of nitric oxide in the body. Nitric oxide works to dilate the blood vessels of the penis and to allow more blood to get and stay inside it. This is how your penis becomes longer, thicker and firmer. A study carried out in 2002 among 45 men with erectile dysfunction revealed that the herb helped to alleviate the symptoms of the condition and to enhanced the rigidity of the tip of the penis.

The stimulating effect of the herb contributes to increased sexual desire. It can help you to last longer. It can also give you energy to enjoy sex multiple times during the night.

Ginseng is generally safe. Mild side effects like headaches, dizziness and stomach upset are fairly rare. The herb may interact with medications and with ones for diabetes and depression, in particular. That is why you have to consult your doctor before using it if you are taking any drugs.

Horny Goat Weed

horny goat weedThis plant was been extensively used in traditional medicine for enhancing the libido. In fact, its name comes from the properties which it has. It acts in a similar way to Viagra. It helps to improve the erection even in people who have erectile dysfunction. It makes it firmer and longer-lasting. It boosts sexual desire and the overall sexual performance. Many men have noticed that they can control their erection better with its help as well. It can be of help with premature ejaculation.

It is not yet clear how horny goat weed actually works to provide male enhancement. One study carried out by Italian scientists has revealed that the active compound in it is icariin. They researched showed that it mimics the action of the most popular drug for erectile dysfunction.

Horny goat weed is safe to use for a period of time which is shorter than 2 years. Longer used may lead to side effects like dry mouth, dizziness, difficulty breathing and vomiting. It is possible for the herb to interact with medications and more specifically ones for high blood pressure. If you take any medicine, you must consult your doctor before using this herb.


damiana plant for male enhancementThis plant grows in Mexico and Central America. Traditionally, it has been used as a natural aphrodisiac. Now it has various uses from providing headache relief to alleviating depression. Still, it is most popular as a male enhancement herb.

Modern scientific studies have revealed that damiana has the ability to increase sexual vigor. It promotes improved blood circulation in the penis and prolongs the erection. It will give you more sexual energy and stamina as well. It can increase ejaculation. You will be able to enjoy more powerful orgasms every time when you have sex. While the benefits of this herb for improving sexual performance are widely recognized, it is still not clear how it works.

Damiana is safe when taken in small dosages in the form of pills or tea. Amounts of over 200 grams are potentially toxic and may cause serious side effects like convulsions. The herb may interact with diabetes medications. It can also impact the blood sugar levels. You will need to talk to your doctor before you decide to use in.

All of these herbs for male enhancement can help you to achieve the better erection which you want and to give your sex life a major boost. The most important thing is to use them safely as recommended by the manufacturer or your doctor.

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