male enhancementBefore we get started I would like to discuss first what penis extender is? Well, Penis extender is a device that helps you expand and extend your penis.

And if this is the first time you heard about a device that can help you achieve a longer penis, do not worry because there are also a lot of aspiring gentlemen like us who wanted the same. I was so amazed that even way back to the Egyptian era, penis extenders or devices that can help your penis get larger, already exist.

This is still true today, penis extenders exist and this time the devices for penis enlargement is a lot more safe and more effective than before. Because this time penis extenders are backed up by science and clinically proven to provide better, permanent and more amazing results.

So you may notice I mentioned PERMANENT result. Why is that? Because since there are a lot of penis enlargement devices that are being promoted and sold and not every item is as effective as the others. Some stand out and some flop.

And one in particular penis enlargement device that stands out and provide wonderful and permanent result that can extend your penis by girth and length, clinically proven, recommended by doctors, with real customer results and very comfortable while using is the device called SizeGenetics.

This penis enlargement device is recognized around the world because of its effectivity.

What is SizeGenetics?

So what is SizeGenetics? Well this penis extender is the most powerful penis enlargement device that you can see on the market today that provides permanent and extreme results. SizeGenetics can also be worn 58 different ways for absolute comfort.

sizegenetics penis extender

And this penis extender is 100% risk free, aside from this penis extender being most comfortable it is also made with high quality, medical grade materials. This particular product is also being endorsed by doctors and backed up with extensive scientific research.

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And the makers of this wonderful penis extender partnered with 3M to develop a penis enlargement device that is very effective and very comfortable.

How does it work?

how penis extener worksFirst off, like exercising or lifting weights you develop a hard and bigger muscle, this concept is the same in penis extender device. And this is why long before the ancient times people back then uses different kind of stretching tools and weights that helps their penis to grow and get larger.

However these methods are absolutely risky and it could damage your penis creating more problems than solutions in extending your penis size.

Some of the old tricks are still being used today because it is absolutely effective but this time it is carefully being tested with the correct materials or components that could not cause damage to your penis.

SizeGenetics is to be strapped to your penis so you could wear it for a longer period of time without providing too much stress to your penis.

While the penis extender is strapped, it provides tension that slowly but carefully stretch your penis.

Remember to always make sure you read the guides on how much tension is recommended for you. This is why I recommend SizeGenetics because this penis extender has the most extreme but safe device that provides a 2800 grams of traction power pushing traction technology into new heights.

The careful stretch creates small micro tears and cell duplications with the muscle so when it heals your penis gets bigger and larger so it could hold more blood. SizeGenetics also helps for bent penis syndrome and micro penis syndrome.

What is curved penis syndrome?

Bent penis syndrome is an erectile dysfunction known as peyronies disease. This form of a rare erectile dysfunction causes an erection to be painful resulting into an uneventful night.

penile curvaturesCurved penis syndrome is believed to happen when your penis has been through accidents like bending or being hit or any king of traumatic event that happened to your penis, however scientists and researchers has not backed it up yet.

But using SizeGenetics can help straighten your bent penis syndrome or reduce curvature to the penis and of course increasing the length of the penis.

And penis extender like SizeGenetics was originally designed to help stretch the penis in penile traction therapy.

What is micro penis syndrome?

Micro penis syndrome is a condition that makes penis length not exceeding 2 inches long. This medical condition has not been fully understand by science.

Micro penis syndrome can cause negative psychological effects and sometimes be difficult in urinating standing up. Penis extender like SizeGenetics is also being used to people who has micro penis syndrome.

Is penis extender safe?

Penis extender particularly SizeGenetics is being endorsed and used by professionals. Men who suffer from bent penis syndrome or peyronies disease and micro penis syndrome is being help through the use of penile traction device.

It is also clinically proven and no side effects when used as recommended. Unlike pills, penis extender is clinically proven for penis extension. Penis extender is also better than pump devices because your desired effect is permanent and not just temporary.

Penis extender does not need and surgeries that can cause risks to your penis or other organs of the body. SizeGenetics in particular is being manufactured in USA/Denmark and only uses high quality materials that do not break easily.

In fact SizeGenetics is a medical type 1 device so it is the device with the lowest risk possible therefore it is absolutely safe and very comfortable.

How many inches can you gain?

Every individual is unique and this is the reason why SizeGenetics do not provide any particular numbers regarding inches gains when you use their penis extender. But the company guarantees first is your safety.

When using SizeGenetics only use it as recommended so you will not experience any type of penis injury. Secondly the company guarantees the high quality of their products. This is to make sure you can use this penis extender for a longer period of time and provide guaranteed increase. Lastly and the most important is penis extension.

With SizeGenetics penis extender, you can realistically increase your penis length up to 3 inches. Typical penis width (girth) increases up to 25%.

Penis extension is mainly the reason why we use this device. Inches gain varies per individual, some gain a few centimeters and some a few inches in a span of a few months.

I highly recommend SizeGenetics because even if some only gains a few centimeters it is a permanent gain, this length gain can boost one’s self esteem.

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Permanent Gain

When you use the penis extender SizeGenetics it is like a bodybuilder or just an ordinary person working out. When you work out and focus on a particular part of your body for example your biceps, when you lift weights regularly and do exercises for your biceps eventually you will see significant improvement.

This is also true if you use SizeGenetics, it slowly and constantly stretches along the part that holds blood during erection called corpora cavernosa.

When the corpora cavernosa is stretched it basically becomes bigger and can hold a lot more blood making penis erection noticeably bigger, firmer and longer making a permanent gain.

Developed with 3M

3M is a billion dollar company that creates high quality adhesives and abrasives and many other products.

And the plasters that are used for SizeGenetics is developed by the innovative technologies of 3M. Making this penis extender the most comfortable and this prevents rubbing and slippage so that you will hardly notice that you are wearing a penis extension device.

Medical type one device

This is also a reason why I and doctors recommend SizeGenetics is because it is clinically tested medical type 1 device. The classification of medical device is risk based and class 1 is the lowest risk.

Doctor’s endorsement

dr. sianaAnother reason why I highly recommend SizeGenetics is this particular penis extender is proven and endorsed by doctors.

And two doctors that I would like to mention are Dr. Jorn Ege Siana, M.D. and Dr. Finn Worm Knudsen M.D., these two surgeons are now using Sizegentics to help their patients to increase the size of the penis of their patients and especially straightening out curved penises.

The use of penis extension device is to avoid a high risk and invasive surgeries. Doctors also recommend this device because it is made from 100% medical grade components to make it safe.

Money Back Guarantee

buy sizegeneticsBefore I forget, one of the reason why I highly recommend SizeGenetics is that the also offer a money back guarantee.

So why would they offer a money back? Like I said earlier this penis extender guarantees penis extension, and they believe that SizeGenetics is the most effective penis extension device available today, they offer 6 months or 180 days money back guarantee.

And you only need to use the device for 120 days consecutively and if you are not satisfied you can already decide if you want to be refunded or continue to use until you consume up to the 180 days provided. I personally think that it is a very good deal for everyone.

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