enhancement pills in man's handThe effectiveness of male enhancement supplements and products has been a polarizing issue for a long time. That is to say, some are in staunch disagreement with these products and others swear they work.

This issue is similar to other areas of disagreement, the truth may lie somewhere in between the two sides.

There is a range of products designed to increase penis size and not all of them are supplements you take. This situation is very similar to the overall state of the alternative health industry. Here’s the general state of affairs…

Government regulatory agencies have not even begun to study natural medicines and ingredients. And many of these substances have track records going back centuries. The end result is manufacturers are forced to state the benefits have not been evaluated or officially approved, etc.

But does that mean male enhancement supplements don’t work?

No, that is not a logical conclusion. For example, you can find safe and natural ingredients that are known to improve circulation. Others may have other effects on the cardiovascular system that create a positive impact on blood circulation.

Just in case you did not know…

An erection is caused by the massive inflow of blood to the penis. There’s a bit more to it but that is the basic reason. As you can imagine, anything that interferes with proper circulation will impact hardness of the erection.

If there is little human study for the pill form of enhancement supplement, then the situation is worse for creams or ointments. Some people have reported positive results with supplements along with other techniques such as penis extenders.

You will find most penis enhancement supplements are taken every day. What’s more,

You have to protect yourself as much as possible if you want to use supplements to enhance your size. How do you do this?

1. Be extremely careful about signing-up for free trials. In fact it’s best to avoid this. And never give your credit card information unless you are actually buying the product. Unscrupulous vendors can put you on an auto-ship plan and continue billing you.

2. Perform extensive research on the ingredients for any supplement. If the ingredients are not provided, then do not purchase the product. In your research, be sure to check for harmful side effects.

3. Trusting customer feedback comments online is difficult and should be treated as potentially false. We all know that such comments can be written by paid posters and other biased people. You have to make a judgment call about whether to believe feedback, or not.

4. Make sure the product ingredients are safe to take if you are taking prescription medication. In the end, you are responsible for your safety and well-being so take this seriously.


Male enhancement supplements are effective for improving overall penis health. To that end, you can achieve greater size in length and girth. Results will vary based on many factors which includes whether or not you include proven techniques such as jelqing. Your overall physical condition will also play a role in the quality of hardness, as well.

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