All of the ingredients of MaleExtra have scientific backing. They have been proven to work. Still, you would like to be certain that the male enhancement pills are effective on real people just like you. For this, you need to find out what users say in their MaleExtra customer reviews.

Penis Enlargement

Can these pills help you to get a bigger penis during erection? Most users agree that this is the case. One customer shares,

“I have not measured my penis after I began taking the pills, but it looks longer and much thicker than before. My partner says that she can really feel the difference. We are both extremely happy with the sex which we have now.”

How long doe it take for MaleExtra to make your penis longer and thicker? Most men get a considerable increase in size after 3 to 6 months of use. Here is what one user says:

“I was about to give up after I had minimal improvement a month after I started to use the product. However, a friend who had used it as well persuaded me to go on with it. After three more months, I was 1 inch bigger. This was a great improvement for me since I had never been happy with the size of my penis before.”

There are also men who were able to achieve faster results. One guy shares,

“I could not believe it when I measured my penis after just six weeks of using Male Extra. It was slightly over 0.6 inches longer than before. I was so excited about this. Then I managed to gain even more length and some girth too.”

Sexual Performance

Will you get a libido boost with the use of this herbal product for male enhancement? Users say that you can. One of them says,

“I have a very stressful job as a broker in the city and I was super tired when I went home after work. I just wanted to fall asleep. All this has changed now thanks to MaleExtra. I cannot get enough of my wife now. We are doing until late in the night and I am still fresh on the next morning.”

How about erection? How long does it last for? You can expect a firmer erection which lasts for longer. One of the MaleExtra reviews reads,

“I got a much harder penis after about two months of using the pills. I am quite satisfied with its improved size as well. I feel that I have greater control over my erection now. This helps me to prolong the pleasure for both my girlfriend and me.”

It is certainly interesting to see whether and how this product increases sexual satisfaction. A man who uses it writes,

“I am much more relaxed now that my erection is bigger and I can really enjoy sex fully. I get much more intense orgasms. Even after this, I feel that my energy is not drained and that I am ready for more.”

Overall Quality

Are customers satisfied with the overall quality of MaleExtra. One user says,

“The pills came in perfectly sealed dark plastic bottles so I felt confident about their use from the beginning. I had to wait for about four months to get major improvement in size, but I had sexual energy boost from the start.”

Another user shares his long-term experience with the product,

“I have used this MaleExtra for six months now and I got all the results which I wanted. Everything about it has been perfect from the secure purchase to the helpful people of the customer support service team. I am really glad that I chose this product from this particular manufacturer.”

Safety and Side Effects

How safe is this product? Can you expect to experience any side effects? Consider the opinion of users. A customer writes,

“I was somewhat overwhelmed with the size of the pills at first, but so far they have not caused any discomfort to me whatsoever. I have experienced all described benefits, but no negative effects.”

Another user shares,

“I experienced flushing during the first few days of taking the pills, but this went away after a week. I have not experienced any other side effects.”

It is up to you to draw conclusions based on MaleExtra customer reviews.

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