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I’m just an ordinary guy who was not 100% happy with the size of my penis. After all, we’ve all heard it a thousand times – size matters. And that always made me dream of taking action. But if you’re like me, you always wondered if penis enlargement products actually work. I didn’t want to waste my time or money, so I took my time researching as much as I could. I found not only one, but two products, and today I’ll tell you what happened.

First of all, this is about penis size. I decided to buy Male Extra pills and then just followed the directions for use. I would have been totally happy with gaining an inch. I kept asking myself the question “Does Male Extra work?” and would remain skeptical until I actually got positive results.

One thing I liked about this product is the dosage is serious. The daily dose is 1500 mg of proven ingredients to help with enlargement. About ingredients, Male Extra uses a totally natural approach with Pomegranate 70% Ellagic Acid. This substance is also called nature’s Viagra – and it’s natural.

My Enlargement Results

I gained more than 1 inch in penis size which was the coolest thing. The actual amount with this product was closer to inch and a half. The size increase was noticeable in length, and hardly at girth of penis. But I did something to get even more results… bigger results, so to speak. And I’ll tell you about that in a moment and why I did it.

Unexpected yet very welcomed additional results:

I really never had any issues with hardness during an erection. But I know lots of men probably do, so this is something you will want to pay attention to about Male Extra. I discovered that my erections became even harder! My girlfriend noticed it before I did which sort of makes sense, I guess.

And there’s a little more, or a lot depending on how you look at it…

More what? Along with harder erections the volume of my ejaculations increased. I don’t know by how much because I haven’t scientifically measure it. I could feel that I was ejaculating for a slightly longer time. And of course… my girlfriend certainly commented on it.

How I Got Better and Permanent Results

It’s important to keep in mind that Male Extra is not a permanent solution. It is a complete system with the supplements and the exercises found in the report called Penis Health which is part of the package. I was very happy but wanted something more permanent.

And here is what I did…

I felt insane for even thinking about using an extender. But I did the research and settled on Vimax Extender. I figured this…

If it didn’t work, nobody would ever know. Nothing to be ashamed of, and there was no harm or foul for trying. Right? If you’re not familiar with extenders like SizeGenetics, here are a few quick words about it.

sizegenetics extenderIt’s works on the principles of mechanics that are applied to those areas that will respond to traction in a positive way. There are no side effects. And it’s possible to gain up to 3 inches in penis length. I have not used it every single day. But I have used it consistently and now I have a few more inches.

And those inches are permanent.

I used both Male Extra and SizeGenetics for total and complete penis health and improvement. My overall results have been terrific, 3,1 inches to my length and 0.8 inches to penis girth.

MaleExtra Penis Enhancement Pills Facts

You know that I am a customer and satisfied user of Male Extra growth enhancement supplements. It is totally normal to have lots of questions if you’re making a buying decision. I definitely had questions and of course wondered if I could trust the company or not. We have all heard about supplement pill scams on the internet. Here are my observations and experiences with this product in Q & A format.

What is Male Extra supplement and what will it do?

This product is called a complete penis enlargement and enhancement system. There are two components: potent male enhancement supplement formula and enlargement exercises.

Does MaleExtra actually work?

Well, this product is based on almost 10 years’ experience in this market and a full year of testing. Then there are many satisfied customers along with testimonials to support its effectiveness. In addition, I have written about my own experiences in a separate article. Keep in mind that your results will be based on the time and effort you put into it. For maximum results, you should combine supplements, exercise program and penis extender.

Are there harmful ingredients?

Many similar products do not list the ingredients on the packaging. MaleExtra discloses ingredients and strength in mg. You will not find controversial and potentially dangerous ingredients, such as yohimbe. But of course be sure you use the product according to directions.

Is this a scam?

The product comes from a legitimate manufacturer whom you can contact at any time – 24/7, 7 days a week. You can safely order, and the billing is a one-time transaction. Shipping is for a small fee and orders can be sent internationally. There is real customer support either through submitting a ticket or by phone.

Are there side-effects?

More of a good thing is not always a good or safe idea. So avoid taking more than the recommended dosage. Remember that this product was tested for a year prior to public release. There are no known side effects reported by the manufacturer and customers that I’m aware of (I did check forums to find any info on these prior to ordering myself).

MaleExtra contains natural and herbal ingredients as well as specific amino acids. The same considerations need to be addressed as you would with any supplement containing natural/herbal ingredients.

The manufacturer offers full disclosure of the ingredients. If you are concerned about the possibility of side effects, then satisfy yourself and perform any necessary research.

Should you buy the MaleExtra Male Enhancement System?

There are various points to consider in any buying decision. The product quality and customer service are the best on the market. The manufacturer is totally upfront about using supplements plus exercises to achieve results.

Currently, the official website MaleExtra.com is the only place to purchase the product. You will see resources for support and their guarantees. You can also save money by taking advantage of the following discount codes.

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